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CHAREST, Joseph Armand Gabriel

CHAREST, Joseph Armand Gabriel

Male 1924 - 2004  (79 years)


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Armand Charest and Noella (Charest) Papangoes

Armand Charest and his sister Noella. Noella was a hair dresser who was able to earn her license in the early 1940s because of Armand. While Armand was in the Army he was sending his pay home into a saving account. Noella mentioned to Armand she wanted to become a hairdresser but didn't have the money to attend the school. Armand told her to use his Army money for her school and license. Noella never forgot his kindness and spoke of it often to Armand's children. This photo would have been taken sometime around the later half of the 1990s.

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