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Desairology_ Hair Care for the Deceased
Desairology_ Hair Care for the Deceased
Noella trained as a cosmologist and later pioneered the field of "Desairology:" the practice of arranging the hair for the deceased prior to viewing by families and loved ones. Noella wrote a book on this topic, and later developed a training program which offered continuing education credits. This video is a professionally-produced video of Noella explaining the field of Desairology.

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Frank Watson's Memorial Service
Frank Watson's Memorial Service
A 21 minute video of Frank Watson's memorial service, celebrating his life.  
Martha (Charest) Wilkens Memorial Tribute
Martha (Charest) Wilkens Memorial Tribute
This is a video made to honor the life of Martha (Charest) Wilkens. It was created by Josh Thompson, husband of Martha's granddaughters Renes Torrence, shortly after Martha's passing. This video features photographs taken throughout Martha's life, from early childhood until shortly before her passing. Created 15 march 2019, this is an 18:20 minute video so please allow a short period of time for loading.
Music Tracks:
- Earth Angel - Marvin Berry and the Starlighters
- Johnny Cash - Ballard of a Teenage Queen
- Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis
- You Showed Me - The Turtles
- Imagine - John Lennon (Remastered)
- Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Simon and Garfunkel
- Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds
- Shooting Star - Bad Company
Military Honors Rendered for Frank Watson
Military Honors Rendered for Frank Watson
A slideshow of images for Frank Watson's funeral military honors.  
Promotional Video for Desairology
Promotional Video for Desairology
Noella (Papagno) Charest pioneered the cosmology field of Desairology, the field of dressing hair for the deceased. She published a book and developed training materials for continuing education credits. This was one of the last videos Noella produced promoting her programs.

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Wedding of Clair Charest and Leo Forand
Wedding of Clair Charest and Leo Forand
This is a video created by Paul Hurteau, using wedding photographs of Leo Forand and Clair Charest's wedding